Whether it is a big home or a small home we are always in quest of making optimum use of the space with smart ideas of furniture and decors to make the interior space of our home look beautiful as well as usable in our daily life. 

As we start living in a home we either fuel new furniture and things or old furnishing stuff feel like space-occupying stuff with no use, and due to such things we start feeling like we need to make optimum use of the space. 

There are several options to make use of space in your home without ruining the look of home. Floating shelves & pedestal feet are the best options that address the problem of space aesthetically and make your furniture, cabinets look appealing. 

What Is A Floating Shelve?

Though there is no perfect definition to define a floating shelve, we can term it as a shelve attached to a wall with no visible means of support. 

The range of wood species that corbels plus offers you for customizing the floating shelves are Maple, Walnut, Quarter Sawn White Oak, Red Oak, White Oak, Wormy Maple, and Cherry woods. 

What Is Pedestal Feet?

The pedestal foot is a part of furniture that helps create space between the furniture and floor for different purposes. It is also helpful for resting the upper part of the furniture, where it acts as a furniture leg. 

Advantages and Benefits Of Floating Shelves and Pedestal Feet For Cabinet

For many reasons and advantages the floating shelves & pedestal feet for cabinets are installed in the home, we are listing some major reasons that make this home furniture piece an evergreen choice!

Floating Shelves

Helps Creating Extra Space 

The floating shelves are rested on the brackets that are not visible from the rearview making the space look clean and clutter-less. Being installed at height creates extra room space that can be utilized for other purposes, making the space breathable. 

It can be installed in the areas of the room where practically, traditional shelves cannot be installed. 

They can be used anywhere in the home, you can install them in the living room, kitchen, or any space. For an instance, it can be used in the bedroom in place of the headboard or table. 

Makes Your Home Look Classy and Modern

The floating shelve is designed following the concept of a minimalist design, making it look like protruding from the wall. If you use it for storage, it won’t compete with the items you place on it.

Being available in a wide range of colors and designs people opt for floating shelves for their aesthetic value. 

Well-organized Interior Space 

They have a functional design and can be very useful in virtually every room. These shelves can be used to utilize unconventional places like space around corners or behind doors making room for extra storage space that look cleaner, more organized, and classy.

Pedestal Feet

Creates Space For Foot

Pedestal feet for the cabinet create space for resting your foot as whenever you are using your cabinet either in your bathroom or kitchen you can place yourself in proximity with the cabinet. 

Pedestal feet installed in other furniture help create the space for placing the foot properly while sitting on it.

Gives Balance To The Furniture

The pedestal feet or corner pedestal feet maintain the balance of the furniture and cabinet, making them stay balanced. Also, it makes them usable without any danger, as using unbalanced furniture may invite some unwelcoming medical emergencies. 

Protects The Furniture

Undoubtedly, it can make your furniture look more attractive if suitable pedestal feet are used. It can also help you protect the furniture from getting damaged in many ways. 

As it helps you create the space between the furniture and floor, it helps your furniture get protected from dust, water, and moisture. This space also helps you keep the beneath space clean as mops can easily get reached there, protecting it from getting declined. 

Provides Extra Strength

Corner pedestal feet provide extra strength to your cabinet or furniture. The weight of the cabinet or furniture doesn’t get levied on the cabinets or furniture’s material, rather it gets divided between the pedestal feet. 

This makes the furniture more enduring and long-lasting as the furniture or cabinet’s material doesn’t experience weight or wear and tear directly. 

If you are looking for the best quality floating shelve or pedestal feet for a cabinet or corner pedestal foot that is stylish, durable as well as beautifully crafted then you should buy it from Corbels Plus. 

Corbels plus delivers you the exquisite floating wall shelves and corner pedestal foot crafted meticulously and ideal for multiple furniture styles and patterns. 

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