Massive Williamsburg Island Leg

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The Massive Williamsburg Island Leg is a perfect options for the Traditional or Transitional home. Featuring simplistic design, the turned post easily complements a variety of styles. This massive design is 5″ in width, making it the perfect option for large kitchens, open concept designs, and heavy materials such as marble, granite or stone. 

This massive island post is flawlessly designed to support large and heavy structures. The bottom block of the leg gives added support and stability. The large width allows the post to grace large spaces without appearing thin and spindly. In small spaces, the 5″ appear large, beefy and more farmhouse like in nature. 

The Massive Williamsburg Island Leg can also be applied to kitchen cabinetry. Browse our Extra Operations to discover splitting and notching options. 

Incorporate this design throughout your entire space! Browse our full Williamsburg Family Suite for more matching and complementary wood products!