Make Your Kitchen Island Go Gaga With Stylish Wood Legs and Corbels

Why cook in a boring kitchen space when you can make your kitchen space appealing and decorative with simple changes and little effort? You might be thinking kitchens are meant to cook. Why do you need to make them look decorative? A messy and ugly kitchen may affect your mood which in turn can impact your food too. And you are not meant to eat tasteless food! You deserve delicious food prepared in a modish and decorative kitchen. 

Besides cabinets, range hoods, cook-top, and other kitchen appliances, a kitchen island with legs is a key component that can make your kitchen more efficient and chic. 

While installing the kitchen island, legs and corbels are used for functional as well as decorative purposes. Along with providing support to the kitchen island, legs and corbels also make it look appealing and decorative.

Introduction To Kitchen Island; Its Utility & Importance

Installing a kitchen island can do a wonder for you If you feel the lack of countertop space in your cooking area. This detached piece of cabinetry can be added to the kitchen and could be customized to suit your specific needs. 

A kitchen island is a freestanding unit meant to augment the functionality and aesthetics of your cooking area at home. You can use it as a breakfast counter, cooking, baking breakfast, and preparation area, or even make it one of the major zones in your kitchen.

The modern kitchen with a kitchen island often comes with a built-in cabinet. It adds to the storage space and frees up the countertops. Alternatively, it can be customized for storage. 

For good utilization of the space, it is advisable to go for a kitchen with cabinets or in-built appliances instead of a hollow one. 

We also suggest lightweight stools or folding chairs for seating, instead of traditional ones. This helps in conserving space.

Kitchen Island Legs

Island legs and corbels can be applied to a cabinet face or stand-alone to support a countertop, peninsula, or center kitchen island.

Wood legs for kitchen island include styles like traditional, twisted, contemporary, mission, arts and crafts are well-crafted legs for kitchen island, emphasizing the sharp detail of the various designs available.

Kitchen island legs can be used as the starting point for developing a motif or as an opportunity to reinforce a style statement.

Kitchen island wood legs are an architectural element used for functional purposes as well as for making the kitchen island look artsy. Island legs and corbels are essential from a structural standpoint. 

Carved Island Height Corbel is a great way to make your kitchen island look more like a well-tailored piece of furniture that captures everyone’s attention while entering the kitchen. 

Corbels protrude from a wall and are designed to support some sort of weight adding beauty to the space with an artistic design.

Kitchen island legs can be varied in size, shape, and thickness, you need to select whether you want 36″ Legs & Posts or another size and dimension for your kitchen island. The selection of the Carved Island Height Corbel depends upon the size, design, and dimension of the kitchen island. 

Points To Consider While Selecting Kitchen Island Legs


While selecting the island legs and corbels for your kitchen, be clear with the material you want to use. 

For e.g, if you are selecting wood legs for the kitchen island make sure it goes well with your kitchen island design and color. Also, ensure the durability and weight holding capacity of the kitchen island legs. 

Dimension and Height 

Select the legs and corbels with appropriate height and dimension as it can affect the stability and the durability of your kitchen island. 

For e.g, if you are selecting Carved Island Height Corbel or 36″ Legs & Posts, you need to make sure if it is perfect as per the height you require for your kitchen island. Also, you need to ensure that it can hold the weight of the countertop efficiently. 


The design of the legs and corbels needs a clear understanding of how you want your kitchen island to look and which design will go well with the design and color of your kitchen island as well as other furniture of your kitchen. 

Selecting misappropriate and incompatible designs of the kitchen island legs can adversely impact the entire look of your kitchen space.

Corbels Plus provides a wide range of corbels and kitchen island legs crafted from different woods for kitchen islands and other applications. We also provide an option of customization so that our customers can get the wood legs for their furniture of a perfect size and dimension. Order and customize it online and get it delivered to your doorstep with our safe and quick shipping facility. 

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