No one likes to own a home decor that lacks detail. In one or another way we want to own furniture that is attractive and possesses some artistic designs on it. There are some pieces of furniture in our interior spaces you find lacking details and might be wondering how you can transform them.

Wood Onlays and appliques are a quick, effective, and affordable way to give your furniture a new look. With simple efforts and understanding, you will be able to transform your boring furniture into a lively piece of furniture. 

What Is an Applique?

When an object is used to decorate by laying on the surface of another object is generally termed as Onlays. The wood Onlays are used and carved from the wood with a goal to create the illusion that it is carved from the wooden surface it adorns. 

In other words, we can say an applique, also known as an Onlay (wood Onlays), is a piece of carved and crafted piece of decorative wood, used to decorate furniture and walls. 

Wood Onlays have a three-dimensional carving on the front side and a flat back, which makes them lay on the surface efficiently. It is also used for architectural wall decoration as it possesses a very artistic design on it. 

Why Are Wood Onlays So Popular?

One of the many reasons behind the popularity of the wood onlays is its aesthetic artistic design and ease of installation. 

If you want to add interesting detail to woodwork and give a customized touch to your home decors and furniture, then applying wood Onlay is an affordable way to do so with minimal effort and expense.

It gives you the luxury to impart your home with your personalized essence, making the interior space of your home, office, or any commercial or domestic space to be exotic, impressive, and expressive too. 

They are widely used for creative interior design projects by a majority of interior designers and consultants. It helps you in creating beautiful designs using wood carvings on fireplace mantels and over door panels (pediments). You can transform your simple wall into an architectural wall decoration by just incorporating wood onlays and appliques and making your interiors get a unique personal touch. 

This artistic piece of wood can enrich any surface and corner of the home decor virtually. Wood Onlays can be used to create a splendid look on any ceiling panel in combination with other architectural products like medallions, moldings, and many others to create an impressive architectural wall decoration. 

Large Carved Roman Capital

Where To Apply Wood Onlays and Appliques? 

It can be applied to a wide range of furniture to create a customized style, elegant look, and dramatic appeal to any element. 

Corbels Plus offers a wide variety of styles and designs of wood onlays, that are perfect for you for any project or interior space. 

It can be applied on,

  • Bookshelves
  • Cabinets
  • Doors
  • Fireplaces
  • Furniture
  • Wall
  • Ceiling Panel and many more. 

What Makes Corbels Plus Wood Onlays Customer’s First Choice?

Corbels Plus offers a wide range of products of wood Onlays that comprises different styles and designs that is suitable for different types of furniture and interior designs. 

Apart from that our products possess granular artwork making them unique and highly elegant and classy when they get laid on your furniture. 

Our products are durable and easy to install, making them the first choice of customers, interior designers, manufacturers, and others. 

To provide more facility to our users we offer an option to customize the type of wood you want to use in wood onlays. We offer wood onlays with different and multiple wood options. We offer the below-listed types of wood in onlays,

  • Maple
  • Cherry/ Rustic Cherry
  • Alder/Rustic Alder
  • Hard Maple 
  • Red Oak
  • Hickory/Rustic Hickory
  • Maho/Sapele
  • Quarter Sawn White Oak /White Oak
  • Walnut
Medium Carved Capital Onlay

The different wood onlays styles and designs are available with different wood type options. 

We offer you appliques, wood onlays in a wide range of sizes and shapes, so you’re sure to find something that suits your taste and preference. 

Corbels Plus offers you an option for customizing the size of the wood onlays you are ordering so that you can get the size of the product as per your requirement only and you don’t have to make a compromise with undersized or oversized wood onlays for your furniture. 

The size of the onlays impacts the look of the furniture severely, so it is advisable to select the perfect size for your furniture, and understanding the requirements of customers we offer multiple sizes of wood onlays and an option to customize it as per your choice. 

We provide a quick and safe shipping service for your products, so make yourself wait for it and place your order right now with Corbels Plus to experience the best quality and service. 

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